Luxury Real Estate Mastermind

This program offers invaluable insights and strategies to thrive in the competitive luxury market, elevate real estate marketing efforts, and optimize efficiency through technology, tools, and systems. 
One vip Day - Luxury Mastermind

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This exclusive One VIP Day is designed to provide you with a personalized plan that perfectly aligns with your unique goals, passions, and dreams in the luxury real estate industry.
One Day Guided Course
Get ready for an exclusive VIP day explicitly tailored to your needs and goals. With my undivided attention, we'll address your unique challenges and craft a personalized plan for success in the luxury real estate market.
You'll gain access to exclusive insider secrets and proven strategies. From marketing tactics to negotiation techniques, I'll share my expertise and help you stand out in the competitive luxury real estate industry.

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With my undivided attention, we'll tackle your specific challenges 

I'll share all my insider secrets with you, from marketing tips to negotiation strategies

you'll have the motivation and support you need to keep going

Build Your Own Luxury 

ONE VIp Day - Build your own luxury 
One Day Guided Course

6 Month 
Private Course


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We will dive deep into your business, uncovering untapped potential and creating strategies for sustainable success.

Imagine having a trusted coach by your side, guiding you every step of the way. Together, we'll explore mindset shifts, personal branding, marketing strategies, and client relationships, all aimed at igniting your business's brilliance.

In this transformative six-month program, you'll receive personalized guidance, accountability, and unwavering support. I'll be there to celebrate your wins and help you overcome challenges, ensuring you stay on track to achieve remarkable results.

 6-month bi-monthly coaching experience 

Have a group of luxury lovers looking to elevate and find their place in this
luxury world?

Teams and brokerages

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This luxury real estate workshop is designed specifically for brokerages and real estate teams who are looking to excel in the luxury market. It is tailored for professionals who want to enhance their understanding of the luxury real estate segment and acquire practical skills to succeed in this exclusive market niche. Whether you are an experienced agent seeking to expand your expertise or a brokerage aiming to strengthen your team's capabilities in luxury real estate, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to elevate your success.